VSD aims to tackle global chip designer shortage

Above article does talk about chip shortage, which is due to increased demand of consumer electronics like laptops, tablets, mobiles, which was never the case few years back. Foundries in past were meeting these demands and are currently running at full capacity. But this new surge of electronics has created new opportunities and demand for new manufacturing facilities, optimistically,  within each geographic region and that too, very soon

What does that mean to us? It means, there is a sudden increase in demand of chip designers, which needs to be filled fast, which would cater to this new market of smart electronics. Existing experienced engineers are so loaded with existing requirement, that it would be unfair to ask for their more band-width. The only place which will meet this global demand is new talent from engineering colleges.

We have close to million engineers graduating every year from all over the world. If we can create even 10% of engineers to chip designers, that will be a huge help. Sounds easy? It is easy to quote than to do. So, what does it need to convert engineers to chip designers?

Just having good training institute or development program or Certification program from big universities might not solve the problem completely, we may end up with qualified engineers but less with chip design skilled talent.

So, what is the solution? A highly customized and compact chip design program which aims to develop chip designer who is skilled enough to bring designs into production grade, which is current semiconductor market demand. A pool of talent which is ready for deploying industry grade products.

Thinking on similar lines, VSD, with help of Profs and Mentors, who are chip designers with multiple tapeouts under their name, developed 10-week chip design program (which we call it as VSD-IAT).

VSD-IAT (VSD – Intelligent Assessment Technology) is a platform where engineers work on real chip design problem statements and allows to work individually or in teams under industry-kind deadlines

VSD has been working with great instructors who are domain experts and have heavily contributed to nurture this chip design program(2-weeks workshop + 8weeks Online Research internship programs) which aims to develop talent pool for Semiconductor lobby.

VSD will be happy to demonstrate few of our students blogs in next few days to tell how we are able to give talented designer to the Semiconductor Industry who have equipped with skills like chip designing, documentation, teamwork, and timeline-based project execution qualities etc.

Here is VSD’s first step towards tackling chip designer shortage problem. Stay tuned to read blogs written by VSD-IAT chip designers.

Student Name

Blog Series
{What I did in 8-weeks-VSD Internship?}

Sheryl Corina Serrao, Mumbai University

Sethupathi Balakrishnan, EDA Researcher National University of Taiwan

Yash Kumar, Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, Mumbai

Ashutosh Sharma, IIITD&M Kurnool

Yalamanchili Vahin, NIT JAMSHEDPUR

Charu Gupta, DTU Delhi

Shivani Shah

Shivam Potdar, IISC Bangalore

Lakshmi S, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

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