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VSD is Semiconductor EdTech company and Community based Technology Aggregator !!

"Creativity is just connecting things", and VSD pioneered the art of connecting the correct resources to the community to bring the revolution in VLSI Design process. Over last decade we have done enormous work in open source semiconductor domain via developing training content and enabling students to design silicon grade IP/SoC and also taken till tapeout cycle via Google open shuttle program.  VSD didn't invent EDA tools or design flow the company just made them available to community and mentored them to develop more than 52 Analog/Digital IP's/solutions out of which 19 have seen Silicon. VSD is bringing community based revolution in Semiconductor Industry.


VSD Work

Industry based Advanced Training

12 different Cloud lab based design Workshop to cover RTL2GDS concepts

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25++ IP Tapeout

Student designed IP submitted for Tapeout in SkyWater+Google FREE Shuttle

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VSD Online Course

Learn & Relearn about new technology and advancements is a golden rule.

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VSD – IAT Workshop

Expertly built cloud training platform and is suited for designer requirements

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VSD IP Specs

Analog & Mixed Signal IP, Memory & I/O Library and Tools and Design Flow

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VSD Tape-out based Training Program