Open to Innovate

Journey toward Design @ $0 begins !!

“Design at $0” is an initiative driven by our team at VSD.Working in open environment is much easier process as all the resources are openly  available, but here arise the loophole. When ample resources are available, its highly confusing where to begin and how to use them in correct sense ?

Our team has been working towards this niche field,  to organize all the open source  in a systematic way so any person interested to design chip just has to land on our page and begin the journey towards developing  a chip at ZERO cost.

Also we are working towards "how he can earn through that design?".

First step to achieve "Design at $0" mission, VSD partnered with EICT Academy IIT Guwahati to conduct Workshops all over India to promote the Chip Design using Open Source EDA tools. 


VSD Upcoming Events

  • Physical Verification Workshop using “Caliber” Mentor Graphics Tools

VSDOpen Conference 2018 (First ever online conference in VLSI Industry)