Welcome to the World’s only online conference in Semiconductor Industry VSDOpen Conference 2019. With enormous support and global presence of audience from different segments of industrial lobby and academia made VSDOpen 2018 a highly successful event. Evolution is change in the genetic makeup of a population over time, online conference is one kind evaluation everyone adapt soon. 

  • VSDOpen 2019, we are bringing you more interesting work done in RISC-V domain and Open Source EDA tools.  
  • Industry and Academic research talks about the chip designed and developed using RISC-V ISA from IIT Madras India and SweRV from Western Digital.
  • First of its kind, Virtual Booth to Demonstrate the working RISC-V Chip and Board developed in complete Open source domain.

VSDOpen 2019 is free to attend! Anyhow, you must Register, so that we can plan better.

Date & Venue: LIVE ONLINE

Distinguished Conference Keynote Speakers

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Invited Talks by Industry and Academia Expertise

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Call for Submission

Scope of Paper: We are accepting papers from authors around the world who have used open-source EDA tools to implement their RISC-V or similar designs. If you’ve designed, worked on or even just used open source IP cores and/or management systems, verification IP, build flows, SoCs, simulators, synthesis tools, FPGA and ASIC implementation tools under below mentioned topics.

  1. Front-end open-source EDA tool flows for IC design and verification
  2. Clock tree synthesis and optimization of digital IC  for best Performance
  3. Floorplanning of digital IC for best area
  4. Place and Route of digital IC  for best PPA
  5. RISC-V based SoC development using RISC-V software stack

LIVE Open Source HW Demo Booth

VSDOpen 2018 Reviews & Feedback

“Good conference but if we get the recording or ppt which presented it would be very helpful.”

Omkar reddy


Chirag Kasliwal

“Hello VSD team!It was really a great experience getting to know about open source hardware and tl verilog. Also got an opportunity to meet some great and amazing people in the industry . I attended this conference from Oman. I had to wake up at 6am . But I don’t regret it at all now. Apart from occasional disturbances the audio and video clarity was all good. Kudos to Kunal and Anagha and all the VSD team! They executed it perfectly. Eagerly waiting for more conferences like this in future.”


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