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VSDSquadron, a cutting-edge development board based on the RISC-V architecture that is fully open-source. This board presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals to learn about RISC-V and VLSI chip design utilizing only open-source tools, starting from the RTL and extending all the way to the GDSII. The possibilities for learning and advancement with this technology are limitless.

Furthermore, the RISC-V chips on these boards should be open for VLSI chip design learning, allowing you to explore PNR, standard cells, and layout design. And guess what? VSDSquadron is the perfect solution for all your needs! With its comprehensive documentation and scalable labs, thousands of students can learn and grow together. The VSDSquadron is an educational kit with general-purpose interfaces that enables you to evaluate features of RISC-V ISA.

What is VSDSquadron?

Development Board

An educational kit and cutting-edge development board. With general-purpose interfaces that enables to evaluate features of RISC-V ISA


An exceptional opportunity for individuals to learn about RISC-V and VLSI chip design utilizing only open-source tools.

Gateway to RISC-V Programming

VSDSquadron labs are designed to get started with RISC-V programming, synthesis, physical design, and circuit design.

Industry-Grade Educational Content

Kit includes RISC-V Programming and VLSI Chip Design industry grade educational content.

Build Application

The VSDSquadron board comes with a minimum of 10 GPIOs, which makes it ideal for a diverse range of projects.

Kit Modules

VSDSquadron Modules covers RISC-V Basics, RTL Design and Synthesis, Physical Design, Circuit design and SPICE simulations.

Kit Includes

Gain lifetime access to comprehensive RISC-V Programming and VLSI Chip Design educational content with the release of the new VSDSquadron board, featuring over 10 GPIOs for diverse projects. This package includes extensive labs and theory modules covering RISC-V ISA, GNU compiler toolchain, integer arithmetic, circuit design, and SPICE simulations, aimed at enhancing skills from basics to advanced levels. Pre-order to be among the first to dive into this rich learning experience and elevate your RISC-V programming and chip design capabilities. 

Board Features

Labs Overview

Designed for beginners in RISC-V programming, synthesis, physical design, and circuit design, the labs come with pre-compiled packages of necessary tools and PDKs, recommending Ubuntu 20.04 or newer for optimal performance.

Theory Modules

The course emphasizes the importance of using the provided precompiled tools to avoid discrepancies with lecture videos, covering topics such as RISC-V Basics, RTL Design and Synthesis, Circuit Design and SPICE simulations, and Physical Design.



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Pan India RISCV Roadshow on VSDSquadron

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VSDSquadron Educational and Dev Kit

VSD, standing as a trailblazing Semiconductor EdTech company and a community-based Technology Aggregator, is revolutionizing the landscape of VLSI Design. With the belief that “Creativity is just connecting things”, VSD has mastered the art of linking the right resources with the community. This unique approach has sparked a significant transformation in the VLSI Design process.

Over the past decade, VSD has made remarkable strides in the open-source semiconductor domain. Our journey includes the development of comprehensive training content, empowering students to design silicon-grade IP/SoC. Notably, we’ve successfully guided these projects through the tapeout cycle via the Google open shuttle program. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to hands-on, practical education.

At VSD, our role extends beyond traditional education. While we didn’t invent EDA tools or design flows, we’ve made them accessible to a wider community. Our mentorship has been instrumental in the development of over 50+ Analog/Digital IPs and solutions. Impressively, 20+ of these have successfully transitioned from concept to Silicon – a clear indicator of our effective approach and the high quality of work produced under our guidance.

We pride ourselves on fostering a community-based revolution in the Semiconductor Industry. By democratizing access to advanced tools and knowledge, VSD is not just educating individuals; we are building a community of innovators poised to lead the next wave of advancements in the semiconductor sector. With VSD, the future of VLSI Design is not just being written; it’s being rewritten by a passionate and empowered community.

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RISC-V Roadshow on SHAKTI Ideology

VSDSquadron was launched by
Prof. V. Kamakoti, 
Director of IIT Madras


VSDSquadron RISC-V and VLSI Chip Design Educational Board

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