vsdsquadron – Journey from training to product for “effective” semiconductor workforce development

This pic represents possible achievements from industry-academia collaboration

VSD is happy to present vsdsquadron rev_0, which is an educational board especially for RISC-V and semiconductor learning and training. This is one of the many projects built as a part of VSD-IIIT Bangalore industry-academia collaboration.
So how different is vsdsquadron than the other enormous RISC-V and FPGA boards already available in market?
It's the only board which is documented from Product specifications - RTL design - SoC design - RISC-V ISA - Physical design - CMOS transistor level which took us 12-years. A detailed documentation about vsdsquadron will be released soon, any individual can use this to demonstrate all concepts related to semiconductor chips and RISC-V
This would not have been possible without immense support from Google, Efabless, OpenROAD and (last but very powerful) Skywater technologies. Students worldwide are so blessed to have Prof. David Patteron, Prof. Andrew Kahng, Tim Ansell, Steven Kosier, Mike Wishart for being the visionary leaders in opening up 130nm foundry PDKs, which has made VLSI and RISC-V education so real that we can have RISC-V based products just out of the education programs and at massive scale. VSD works on simple principle (and will always be) simplicity and scalability, thereby helping students worldwide build products as part of bachelors and masters programs, just like what IIIT Bangalore students attempted to do can be seen in this pic.
Thanks to our passionate students in this pic - Mayank Kabra, Nandini, Saketh, Yashwant, Asmita - who took up vsdsquadron specs as a career challenge and delivered the needful. And Ladies and Gentlemen - here are our "Next-gen semiconductor industry torchbearers'' 
What next? - You can build vsdsquadron too. Detailed usage document, tutorials, workshops, software toolchain and internship programs about vsdsquadron will be announced soon
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