Product Based RISC-V Skilling Program

Transform Your Understanding of RISC-V Architecture

Product Based RISC-V Skilling Program

Join us for a transformative 6-week journey exploring the depths of RISC-V ISA and its application in product-based environments. Our meticulously crafted curriculum delivers a profound understanding, right from the basics to advanced concepts, empowering you with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the field.


The Product Based RISC-V Skilling Program is a meticulously designed six-week course that embarks on a journey through the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), aimed at providing both a theoretical foundation and hands-on experience. Initially, the program introduces participants to the RISC-V ISA landscape, covering its history, significance, and architecture. It lays the groundwork with a focus on microarchitecture design, particularly the RV32I basics, complemented by practical simulation exercises using Verilog. This foundational stage is crucial for understanding the underlying principles that drive the subsequent, more advanced modules of the curriculum.

As the course progresses, it delves into the functionality of the RISC-V processor, offering a comprehensive view of its block diagram and intrinsic functionalities. Through a blend of interactive learning methods, including engaging exercises and activities, participants deepen their understanding of RISC-V essentials. This segment is pivotal for demystifying the processor’s operations and preparing learners for the intricacies ahead.

The curriculum then advances to a detailed examination of RISC-V Verilog code. Participants explore the very fabric of RISC-V through an intricate analysis of Verilog code and investigate advanced instructions, highlighting the critical role of application-specific cores. This phase is instrumental in revealing the complexities of RISC-V and its versatility in processor design.

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Join us for this transformative journey and turn your fascination into tangible skills in the ever-evolving world of IC design!


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Real-World RISC-V Creations from Our Program
Unveil the incredible spectrum of innovative products born from the knowledge and skills honed through our RISC-V skilling program. These tangible creations encapsulate the essence of technological prowess and visionary innovation, reflecting the real-world impact and applicability of RISC-V architecture. Dive into a world where concepts meet reality, and innovation knows no bounds.

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We’ve tailored every aspect of the workshop to ensure an effective and enjoyable learning journey:


Fresher or recently graduated or experienced professionals looking to brush fundamentals.

Atleast BE/BTech/ME/MTech or equivalent.

About VSD

VSD, standing as a trailblazing Semiconductor EdTech company and a community-based Technology Aggregator, is revolutionizing the landscape of VLSI Design. With the belief that “Creativity is just connecting things”, VSD has mastered the art of linking the right resources with the community. This unique approach has sparked a significant transformation in the VLSI Design process.

Over the past decade, VSD has made remarkable strides in the open-source semiconductor domain. Our journey includes the development of comprehensive training content, empowering students to design silicon-grade IP/SoC. Notably, we’ve successfully guided these projects through the tapeout cycle via the Google open shuttle program. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to hands-on, practical education.

At VSD, our role extends beyond traditional education. While we didn’t invent EDA tools or design flows, we’ve made them accessible to a wider community. Our mentorship has been instrumental in the development of over 50+ Analog/Digital IPs and solutions. Impressively, 20+ of these have successfully transitioned from concept to Silicon – a clear indicator of our effective approach and the high quality of work produced under our guidance.

We pride ourselves on fostering a community-based revolution in the Semiconductor Industry. By democratizing access to advanced tools and knowledge, VSD is not just educating individuals; we are building a community of innovators poised to lead the next wave of advancements in the semiconductor sector. With VSD, the future of VLSI Design is not just being written; it’s being rewritten by a passionate and empowered community.

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What makes the RISC-V architecture program unique compared to traditional college curriculum?

This program dives deep into RISC-V, an open-source ISA, allowing for hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology not typically covered in depth in standard college curriculums. It emphasizes practical skills in designing and optimizing systems on a chip (SoCs), crucial for the semiconductor and IoT industries.

How does learning RISC-V prepare me for the future of technology jobs?

With the tech industry increasingly adopting RISC-V for its flexibility and cost-effectiveness, expertise in RISC-V positions you for roles in system design, hardware engineering, and IoT development, areas experiencing rapid growth.

What are the career opportunities available after mastering RISC-V architecture?

Mastering RISC-V opens career paths in semiconductor companies, hardware design, IoT device manufacturing, and research institutions. Roles include hardware engineer, SoC designer, and RISC-V architect, among others.

How does the RISC-V program integrate with existing college courses?

The program complements existing engineering and computer science courses by providing specialized knowledge in RISC-V architecture, bridging theoretical concepts with practical, industry-relevant applications.

What are the expected salaries for jobs requiring RISC-V expertise?

While salaries vary by location and experience, positions requiring RISC-V expertise tend to offer competitive compensation, reflecting the specialized skills and high demand. Entry-level roles can start from $70,000, with senior positions reaching upwards of $150,000 annually.

Can this program help me transition into high-demand tech roles?

Yes, this program equips participants with the specialized skills and knowledge in RISC-V needed to transition into high-demand roles within the tech industry, particularly in areas focusing on hardware and embedded systems.

What practical skills will I gain from the RISC-V program?

Participants will gain practical skills in RISC-V ISA, microarchitecture design, Verilog for SoC design, embedded systems programming, and optimization techniques, making them highly valuable in the job market.

How will this program update me on the latest RISC-V developments and technologies?

The curriculum is designed to stay current with the latest developments in RISC-V technology, offering students exposure to new tools, design methodologies, and industry trends through coursework and projects.

Is there support for transitioning from academic learning to professional RISC-V applications?

The program includes mentorship from industry professionals, networking opportunities, and career guidance to help bridge the gap between academic study and professional application in RISC-V related fields.

What are the networking opportunities with industry professionals and companies during the program?

Participants have opportunities to engage with leading professionals and companies through workshops, guest lectures, internships, and project collaborations, providing valuable connections and insights into the industry.

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Join us for a transformative 6-week journey exploring the depths of RISC-V ISA and its application in product-based environments.