VSD – Intelligent Assessment Technology (VSD-IAT)

Due to increasing system-on-chip design complexity and tight time-to-market requirements, virtual learning platform (VSD-IAT) solution are current demand to bridge the skilling process while working on those designs for majority of engineers.

As research pushes for better performance for SoC design, virtual platforms solve one of today’s biggest challenges in these systems: learn concepts, open source hands-on designing labs and acquiring analyzing methods before the real time designs are available, enables IP design and analyzing skills. Virtual platforms model the hardware architecture in the form of a simulator, including processors, memories, and standard blocks. They enable engineers to start developing and analyzing the design substantially earlier than has been possible in the past.

What is VSD-IAT?

VSD – Intelligent Assessment Technology (VSD-IAT) is expertly built training platform and is suited for designer requirements. Semiconductor companies understand the value of training automation and Engineer performance enhancement, and do not need to be convinced of the impact of a virtual platform for learning. VSD trainings are quick, relevant, and easy to access from any device at any time zone

Why VSD-IAT workshops?

Over 50K+ users trust VSD VLSI based workshops for last 7 years. VSD has been conducting workshops over a variety of topics semi-conductor like RISC-V, Embedded UVM, SoC design, Physical Implementation, Sign-off analysis, and Physical Verification. With VSD workshops, you can

  • Explore all RISC-V and VLSI concepts using open-source tools
  • Zero restrictions on using platform across all time-zones
  • Custom made content by VSD experts, based on recent ISA and VLSI trends and technologies
  • Workshop design methods gives Freedom to explore new design after workshop on the open source tools

Workshops on VSD -IAT 

  1. RISC-V based SoC design using open-source EDA
  2. Sign-off STA & Timing ECO using Open Source Tools

Reviews from the above workshop 

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