VSD – Intelligent Assessment Technology (VSD-IAT)

RISC-V based MYTH (Microprocessor for You in Thirty Hours)

It is Microprocessor for You in Thirty Hours. A beginner level 5-day workshop to understand RISC-V Specs, RISC-V Software, TL-Verliog, Simulate RISC-V core.In short, you are going to write RTL and build RISC-V core on your own

VLIS SoC/Physical design using open-source EDA Tools

Learn to build and configure SoC (System on Chip), understand how to analog peripheral (ADC, DAC, POR. etc.), digital peripheral (UART, flash controller), memory mapping, top level connections like pad-frame, level-shifters, GPIO and many more

Digital System Design and Modelling using Verilog

Learn to about basic of Transistors, Logic gate, High Level design Modelling, Simulator definitions, Introduction to Verilog, delay modelling, behavioural modelling, memory modelling and Verilog tasks and functions.

Advanced Physical Design using OpenLANE/Sky130

From a RTL netlist to final tape-out, each phase of PnR brings it’s own challenges and surprises. Learn SoC design planning in Openlane flow using the latest Google-SkyWater 130nm process node.

Due to increasing system-on-chip design complexity and tight time-to-market requirements, virtual learning platform (VSD-IAT) solution are current demand to bridge the skilling process while working on those designs for majority of engineers.

What is VSD-IAT?

  • VSD – Intelligent Assessment Technology (VSD-IAT) is expertly built training platform and is suited for designer requirements.

Why VSD-IAT workshops?

With VSD workshops, you can

  • Explore all RISC-V and VLSI concepts using open-source tools
  • Zero restrictions on using platform across all time-zones
  • Custom made content by VSD experts, based on recent ISA and VLSI trends and technologies
  • Workshop design methods gives Freedom to explore new design after workshop on the open source tools