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Mission : Design a Chip at $0

We are supporting a community where millions of people are learning, sharing, and collaborating to build a chip together.At VSD, we are promoting a proven method of collaboration to design, implement, and optimize VLSI devices.The freedom to see the design, to learn from it, to ask questions and offer improvements: This is the open source way.

VSD partners with open-source developers to develop the vsdflow to create a platform for the community to accelerate the design and implementation of a chip. And open-source developers partner with VSD to build a variety of chip and RTL components that enhance the platform and strengthen the community.

Practice Areas:

  • RTL design, Synthesis and Verification
  • SoC planning and Design
  • Sign-off analysis
  • IP Design
  • CAD/EDA automation and basic UNIX/IT
  • RISC-V, Machine intelligence in EDA/CA
  • Embedded System and FPGA

"When the best design works, great idea is born"

VSD is Supported by

VSD Founder

Kunal Ghosh

IIT-Bombay Alumnus,

Digital and Sign-off expert & Co-founder

Qualcomm's Test-chip business unit

Cadence as Lead Sales Application engineer

Business Head

Anagha Ghosh

Founder & Business Head

Project Manger TATA Power Company

Project Advisor "SHAKTI Processor" IIT Madras team

VSD Instructor

Tim Edwards runs the website opencircuitdesign.com, dedicated to open-source EDA software and hosting such tools as magic, qflow, netgen, and xcircuit

Prof.V.Kamakoti, Director IIT Madras

Steve Hoover is the founder of Redwood EDA.

Tsung-Wei Huang,Research Assistant Professor, CSL & ECE,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA

VSD Mentor's

Promode Kumar Ghosh, Director VLSI System Design Corp.Pvt.Ltd

Srikanth Jadcherla, Chairman and CEO of iMedrix, Mobile systems Guru, Technologist, Educator & Entrepeneur.

Ashok Kalbag,  Secretary at IUCEE , Secretary General at PanIIT India, Member

Mohamed Kassem,Cofounder and CTO of efabless corporation.

Recognition by University of Illinois

Technology Partner

Efabless (design, verify and prototype IC design)




Cloud-Platform Partner

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