VSD Community Silicon Tapeout

Open Source Hardware Journey Begins !!

A dream and a mission statement that was framed 10 years back by VSD and Efabless (or let us say, e-fabulous) has now taken a surprisingly good shape and IS FINALLY SILICON PROVEN. Release of Google/Skywater-130nm open PDK’s was really the final piece of entire VLSI training model puzzle.

Project Name

Student name and Github repo

Institute Name : IIIT Bangalore (MPW8)

Bidirectional Counter

Synchronous First In First Out for Memory Storage and Processing

Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter Protocol based Hardware Transmitter

Universal Shift Register

Vending Machine with Change System

Car Parking System

Parallel input Serial output Shift register

8 bit BCD counter

Johnson counter

8-bit Gray code counter

Linear feedback shift register

Traffic Light Controller

LIFO (Last in First out) Buffer

Three Bit Ring Counter

Baud Rate Generator

PWM(Pulse width modulation) Generator

Serial In Parallel Out Shift Register

Elevator Controller

Bidirectional up/down counter

4 Bit Bidirectional Counter

ASIC design of automatic washing machine

Sequence Detection using Moore FSM

Sequence Detector 1010 (Without Overlapping) using Mealy Finite State Machine

Parking Ticket Vending Machine

Parallel in parallel out shift register

Arithmatic Logic Unit

Project Name

Student name and Github repo

Institute Name : IIIT Bangalore

Sequence detector_moore_machine(1011)

Pulse Width Modulated Wave Generator with Variable Duty Cycle

Sanampudi Gopala Krishna Reddy



Ring Counter

Clock Gating

Frequency Divider

Real-time clock

Universal shift register

101011 Sequence detector _Mealy_Machine

PISO shift register

Ring counter

Radix-2 4-Bit Booth's Multiplier

First Silicon proven Tapeout

Please join me to Congratulate Lakshmi S – MS ECE

Lakshmi had joined 5-day Workshop on VSD-IAT Physical Design and SoC design using open-source EDA tools which happened on 27th May’ 2020 and then RISC-V based MYTH workshop on 29th July’ 2020. Very soon, VSD noticed something incredibly unique within her when she submitted her pre-layout Git repo for avsdpll_1v8. It was quite evident, Lakshmi is here for the long run, and when internship finished, she was the first one with a fully completed post-layout Git repo using Skywater 130 PDK’s. Here is detailed Git repo: (GitHub is indeed the new resume)


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