Advanced Certification Program

SoC Design and Implementation

Joint program by SFAL and VSD


The 12-week SoC Design and Implementation course starts with 6 weeks covering semiconductor design basics like floorplanning, placement, CTS, routing, optimization, and verification. Students learn everything from chip size estimation to signal integrity fixes. Following this, they choose a specialization topic, allowing for targeted learning in a specific area of interest under expert guidance.

The course then shifts to a 4-week, in-depth exploration of industry-grade concepts, led by professionals and culminating in a design project that mirrors real-world challenges. The final 2 weeks focus on professional skills, including Github documentation and internship selection, equipping students for the semiconductor industry.

This blend of foundational learning, specialization, and practical application, guided by industry experts, prepares participants for successful careers in SoC design and implementation, balancing theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience.

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Delivery Mode

We’ve tailored every aspect of the program to ensure an effective and enjoyable learning journey:


Fresher or recently graduated or experienced professionals looking to brush fundamentals.

Atleast BE/BTech/ME/MTech or equivalent.

About VSD

VSD, standing as a trailblazing Semiconductor EdTech company and a community-based Technology Aggregator, is revolutionizing the landscape of VLSI Design. With the belief that “Creativity is just connecting things”, VSD has mastered the art of linking the right resources with the community. This unique approach has sparked a significant transformation in the VLSI Design process.

Over the past decade, VSD has made remarkable strides in the open-source semiconductor domain. Our journey includes the development of comprehensive training content, empowering students to design silicon-grade IP/SoC. Notably, we’ve successfully guided these projects through the tapeout cycle via the Google open shuttle program. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to hands-on, practical education.

At VSD, our role extends beyond traditional education. While we didn’t invent EDA tools or design flows, we’ve made them accessible to a wider community. Our mentorship has been instrumental in the development of over 50+ Analog/Digital IPs and solutions. Impressively, 20+ of these have successfully transitioned from concept to Silicon – a clear indicator of our effective approach and the high quality of work produced under our guidance.

We pride ourselves on fostering a community-based revolution in the Semiconductor Industry. By democratizing access to advanced tools and knowledge, VSD is not just educating individuals; we are building a community of innovators poised to lead the next wave of advancements in the semiconductor sector. With VSD, the future of VLSI Design is not just being written; it’s being rewritten by a passionate and empowered community.

Instructor Profile

Meet Your Guides to the World of VLSI Design


What's the cost to register?

We've set a special discounted fee of INR 75000 + 18% GST (INR 1,80,000). Our aim is to make Synopsys EDA tools and PDKs accessible for various purposes such as college projects, PhD research, semester lectures, and keeping up with industry trends.

Can I participate according to my schedule?

Absolutely! The program is hosted on the cloud platform, offering flexibility to log in at your convenience. The platform is accessible 24 hours a day during the two weeks duration of the program.

Can experienced system designers join to refresh their knowledge?

This program is primarily designed for newcomers to the field of VLSI. However, experienced professionals interested in sharing their expertise with students are more than welcome to join.

Will I have access to the program content after it ends?

Yes, you will receive lifetime access to all lab files. However, access to the videos and the platform will end with the program.

Do I need to install any software for the labs?

No, all labs will be conducted on the cloud platform using a Linux Terminal with all necessary tools pre-installed. Post-program, we will provide scripts for you to install these tools on your own computer for further practice and revision.

How are the labs distributed for this program?

Labs will be shared via a virtual box image. You'll receive detailed instructions on accessing and using this image a day before the program starts.

What platform is used for the lectures?

Lectures will be delivered through the LMS platform. This platform allows you to access course materials and interact with the content at your own pace.

Is there support available during the program?

Yes, our instructors and Teaching Assistants are available 24/7 on Slack throughout the 12 Weeksprogram to answer questions, provide clarifications, and help.

Is there a specific time for addressing urgent issues?

Indeed, there's a daily one-hour sync-up call during the program. This is a valuable time for discussing any immediate issues, challenges, and for receiving direct guidance from instructors and TAs.

Is the program flexible for asynchronous participation?

Yes, the program is hosted on a cloud-based platform, allowing you to access materials and complete tasks at your convenience, ensuring flexibility in your learning schedule.

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Registration Fee

₹ 75,000


18% GST
  • 15 June to 4 Sept 2024