VSDOpen 2022 Online Conference

VSDOpen 2022 is an online conference to share open-source research with the community and promote  hardware design mostly done by the student community.

VSDOpen 2022 is based on the theme "How to lower the cost to learn, build, and tapeout chips ?"  ,

which will provide a platform to community to build stronger designs and strengthen the future of Chip design.

VSDOpen is envisioned to create a community based revolution in semiconductor hardware technology.

The open source attitude is required to bring out the talent and innovation from the community who are in remote part of world and have least access to the technologies.

 And now Google support will help to bring the vision to execution by VSD team


The open source design environment is the first step towards the hardware revolution. A leaner needs few open source design to explore, learn and design something on similar line.  Improved accessibility of open-source IC design ecosystems opens the opportunity for innovation as well as a chance to increase diversity by stretching the concept of who can be an IC designer. Historical success in the open-source area was the introduction of RISC-V by numerous companies and academic institutions. Entire microprocessor ecosystems, which was ruled by proprietary ISAs, firmware, and compilers, can now be freely accessed and designed for competitive performance.

STEM Education

S.T.E.M-based education has become the need of the hour, the learning pedagogy is focused on pure learning through experience. A comprehensive STEM education strategy is urgently needed to maintain Semiconductor  talent pipeline and technological edge. For semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing requires access to the best and brightest scientists and engineers requiring STEM proficiency. To improve our STEM education system will require long-term action with a sustained commitment to funding over decades

VSDOpen 2022 Workshop

Why attend VSDOpen?

  1. VSDOpen is open forum to demonstrate the work done by community in open source domain.
  2. VSDOpen brings all like minded people in open source community and work towards strengthening the Hardware Revolution. 
  3. Power-packed high-intensity Cloud Lab Tutorials on Physical Verification and Physical Design using SKY130 and opensource toolchain for learners and experimenters
  4. LIVE online conference with expert talks on techniques of semiconductor workforce development at a massive scale of 10,000 students per year
  5. Showcase VSD student’s chips and IPs which went for tapeouts, which would encourage other students globally to learn to do tapeouts for free
  6. Announcement of VSD upcoming projects on SoC generators, full-chip high-speed performance analysis using SPICE, IP generation flow for GF180 and PCB development for student projects