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Here’s a big question in front of everyone.

How do we fight time? So much time, so much man-hours. Apart from regular office-work which (on an average) is 8-hours per day, what do we do with rest 16-hours. Listening to regular updates on COVID-19, watching documentaries, spending time with family are some ways to utilize the time.

Recently, I did one small 45 min FREE webinar on latest VLSI trends for college students, and many topics popped up from the doubts raised by them which give me a bigger horizon to learn and explore new topics still untouched by many of us !!

While my expertise is limited to back end design content, on behalf of my student community, I request Industry Professionals, who have expertise and spent long time in  VLSI industry, share their thoughts, experience and views about topic which will open new doors to students community. And show them the future where they can plan their career. Be our “Knowledge Sharing Hero” in this Noble cause to help community grow.

Trust me – KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER to students is MOST SATISFYING feeling.  

The key thing over here – It must be short and crisp so everyone can enjoy the topic. These are memorable times, where everyone needs to do their bit to fight a battle against an unknown enemy. You need not make new slides, you are free to present your personal/company slides, provided it’s available on public platform.


Topics – 5nm/7nm, RISC-V, AI in VLSI, Machine Learning in EDA, SoC and physical design, ARM, FPGA, 5G, analog, CAD/EDA automation, Memories, semiconductor economics

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Find the upcoming webinar: https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/upcoming-event/

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