Let Knowledge Win!!

VSD - “Knowledge Sharing Hero"

VSD is the most popular online content offering in the global Semiconductor industry, boosting millions of students knowledge graph. While it’s known all over for its training content, less of a spotlight is dedicated to its online open source webinars, conference and research initiative which it has been adding over the past few years.

Let Knowledge Win !! - by our Knowledge sharing heros, which we consider the unsung heroes of VSD, are helping professionals and students navigate the current COVID-19 crisis that has swept the nation over the last two months, resulting in widespread closures.

For those of you unfamiliar with Let Knowledge Win !!- Webinar Series, Let’s take a closer look.

VSD Webinar - Performance Optimization Using SKY130

VSD Webinar - The Unorthodox "VLSI" Manager by Dan Clein