VSD is ready to create New History In Open-Source Hardware Industry

4  power packed Cloud Lab Tutorials  for learner and experimenters'

LIVE online conference with Experts talk on Semiconductor Workforce Development

Showcase VSD Student Community 1st Tapeout

We are excited this year to talk more about the silicon and the journey towards tapeout.The term tape-out was named so because historically a magnetic tape was used to store all the ASIC design files and this tape was then send to the foundry for manufacturing.Tape out is a major milestone in every VLSI Engineer lifecycle. It means the design phase is completed and IP is ready to send out the GDSII to the fab for production. VSD and our community has taken semiconductor trainings to next level, which is from Specs to Tapeout to Silicon, which is highly scalable and fully automated.

VSDOpen2021 will showcase

  • Keynote talk from experts in the areas of VLSI and Semiconductors on how they are addressing chip design talent shortage issues
  • Invited talk from Synopsys on their strategies and proactive majors for collaboration to Tapeout Programs
  • SoC, EDA and IP design track by VSD students using Sky130

Date : 19 - 23 October 2021

VSDOpen 2021 Tutorial Schedule

"VSDOpen 2021 is online conference to provide high tech experience of developing analog designs using Open-Source Tools, PDKs and Cloud Platform 4 days of Conference Tutorials"

Date & Time (IST)

Session Title


Organisation/ University

VSDOpen 2021 Tutorial on VSD-IAT (Open 24 Hrs)

19 Oct 2021

Kunal Ghosh and

Paras Gidd

VSD and 

Manipal Institute of Technology,(MAHE)

20 Oct 2021

Steve Hoover

Founder Redwood EDA

21-22 Oct 2021

Adjunct.Prof. Saroj Rout, Asst.Prof. Santanu Sarangi 

Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar

VSDOpen 2021 Main Conference Schedule

Date & Time (IST)

Session Title


Organisation/ University

VSDOpen 2021 LIVE Conference - 23 October 2021


VSDOpen 2021 Inauguration

"Online Conference is New normal !!"

Kunal Ghosh




"Let's make hardware cool again"

Shari Liss

Executive Director,

SEMI Foundation


First VSD Tapeout

"My Journey from Design to Tapeout"

Lakshmi S

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


SoC Design track

RISC-V based SoC for 8x-PLL and 10-bit DAC calibration using Sky130

Mohammed Amin Nili




"SKY130 PDK – Why SkyWater Supports the Open Source Design Revolution" 

Steven Kosier

CTO, SkyWater Technology Foundry


SoC Designer track

"Design and Analysis of a RISC-V core with an external Instruction Memory SRAM Using Opensource Tools"

Mufutau Akuruyejo



Networking Break 1


EDA track

"VEZZAL – A Testing Environment for OS-EDA tools"

Sai Charan Lanka

Vardhaman College


Industry Talk

"Importance of Academic & Industry Partnerships: Accelerating Innovation and Workforce Development"

Patrick Haspel

Director - Academic Partnerships and University Programs at Synopsys Inc



"Identifying and nurturing the talent of semiconductor industry" 

Anil Sahasrabudhe

Chairman All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)


Tapeout Track

VSD Interns


VSDOpen Closing Session



Stay tuned for Recording!!