VSD HDP Interns made it happen !!

VSD is working towards creating innovative talent pool who are ready to develop design and products for the new tech world. VSD believes in “Learning by doing principle” , and always prepare the student to apply the knowledge learned in the workshops, webinars and courses. We always push our students to work on new designs, test it and work continuously till it becomes the best performing design. Any student who enrolls to VSD community starts working with small design and grows with us and develops a tapeout level design with complete honesty and dedication towards the Work !!

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VSD-HDP Success Stories

VSD-HDP Project NameIntern NameWebinar Complete Video
Introduction to RISC-V TensorCore Accelerator for Machine LearningMentor Name- Dr. Theodore Omtzigt and
Intern – Ryan
High speed VCO design/Tapeout using SKY130Mentor Name- Dr G S Javed

Intern-Darío San Martín Molina

VSD Intern Webinar List

VSD WebinarIntern NameWebinar Promo Video
Mixed Signal Physical Design Flow with Sky130

Intern – Praharsha Mahurkar
OpenRAM configuration for 4kB SRAM using Sky130Intern – Shon Taware
Analog Bandgap Reference design using Sky130
Intern – Anmol Purty
Analog Comparator Design using Sky130
Intern – Malay Das
DAC IP design using Sky130 PDKs – Part 1
DAC IP Design using Sky130 PDKs – Part 2Intern – Harshitha Basavaraju
DAC IP design using Sky130 PDKs – Part 3
Intern – Shalini Kanna
10-bit DAC design using eSim and Sky130
Intern – Sameer S Durgoji
Mixed-signal RISC-V based SoC on FPGA
Intern – Shivani Shah

Tape-Out by VSD Intern: Lakshmi S