Why is a Physical Design workshop important for education?

Traditional pieces of training have taken an orthogonal shift, post-release of open-source EDA tools and SKY130 foundry. This has brought a huge opportunity for semiconductor ed-tech companies like VSD to close a wide gap within many training companies that have shifted their curriculum from theoretical PDK to real PDK. If you are a student, who is reading this blog, do not panic if you are not aware of PDK. This is something which we are covering in the workshop.
Here's the registration link-
Thanks to efabless, Google and Skywater for their joint initiatives which have helped so many institutes to fix their training content, which is a big start toward chip design. Moreover, it has helped VSD in 4 different ways.
Tool access - The reason we can provide lifetime access to labs is that the tools are open-source for students to practice, learn and even tapeout. Though many universities do have access to commercial software, and VSD supports all of them on the cloud (Thanks to our EDA partners), there is still a few set of participants who find it hard to access them and open-source is a boon for them
Low cost - Thanks to efabless and all other VSD partners globally, who believe in our vision and agreed to sponsor up to 55% of the workshop cost for all participants. So you need to pay just $30 for a $70 workshop. It doesn't stop here. VSD is committed to bringing in many more partner companies in the future who have seen us hustle for so many years and are now willing to contribute. We will talk more about it in the upcoming days
Cloud-based - Apart from urban students, VSD needs to reach every participant who stays in a remote village, but has access to (at least) a 7-10Mbps line. Thanks to our ISF Edutech team for helping to make the platform so lightweight, that you can do labs at such low bandwidth too. The entire VSD-Intelligent Assessment Technology (VSD-IAT) was built with a mission to reach thousands of participants globally with high-quality content and we are glad to be able to do so. In future, even VSD workshops will run 24/7, so learning will never stop
Content Quality - Quality of content is of prime importance to VSD over all the above three. After many years of educating thousands of engineers globally, VSD has set some content guidelines and we are very honored to partner with instructors globally who have respected those guidelines, thereby helping us with hand-crafted lab-based content, which makes the workshop completely lab-oriented. We can easily find theory on YouTube, but attaching structured labs to theory takes continuous effort and upgrade.
Join one such workshop (sponsored by efabless) using below link (sponsorship ends in 7-days)
All the best and happy learning
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