‘Made in India’ SHAKTI processor on VSDFLOW – Now that’s exciting

It’s official….

For last 2 months, we have been working hard to evaluate ‘vsdflow’ on RISC-V SHAKTI processor. Our initial results have been very promising, which made us to believe that we can tape-out180nm process (target is 16nm) using opensource rtl-2-gds ‘vsdflow’.

(A prototype ‘vsdflow’ on github – https://github.com/kunalg123/vsdflow )

The vision –

Shakti project is a family of 6 processors based on RISC-VISA – 3 base processors (E-class, C-class, I-class) and 3 multi-core processors(M-class, S-Class, H-class). E-class (low-end) cores use 3-stage pipe-line and availablein 32-bit and 64-bit versions, that willrun at 200MHz. C-class (high-end) cores use a 5-stage pipeline and targetspeeds up to 800MHz, which can be customized to run up to 2GHz.

VSD comes with 7+ years of experience in high-quality online VLSI training (~17000people around 133 countries) and about 4+ years’ experience in design & EDA,from commercial to opensource. We have presented and tested this flow (not taped out) on small processors like picoSoC (24k instance count design) and E31(60k instance count design).

This provides a unique opportunity for both entities to take up all existing taped-out cores and benchmark using ‘vsdflow’. We have planned atleast 6 tape-outs (mostly govt. projects, not official yet) for 2019, and if things go right, we will seeat-most 6 tapeouts using ‘vsdflow’. It doesn’t stop there; the entire flow will be deployed to all engineering colleges using VSD’s online VLSI training infrastructure. 

With learning being online, SHAKTI core and ‘vsdflow’ being opensource, this is first-time in the history of VLSI design & EDA (thanks to RISC-V ecosystem and Shakti Team at IITM lead by Prof. Kamakoti), a chip will ever be taped-out using all open source flow, which will cater to almost 80% Indian Semiconductor Market.We haven’t accounted for world market yet. It’s a serious business model.Shakti team and VSD have proved this business model in past, and we will continue doing so.

Imagine a student in some corner of the world learning processor design & verilog coding using target FPGA, and that FPGA board is built using all opensource tools…. He/She can learn and build his/her own FPGA board from scratch

 A big cheer and Thanks to all below opensource developers from all over the world – This mission and vision would not have been possible without your years of dedication. We will not let you down….

Clifford Wolf

Dan Gisselquist

Tim Edwards

Tsung-Wei Hung

James Cherry

Mingyu Woo

Andrew Kahng

Rajeev Srivastava

Mateus Fogaça

Any questions on ‘vsdflow` or Shakti Processor, please feel free to drop in an email at vsd@vlsisytemdesign.com

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