After SHAKTI processor, another master-stroke by Prof. V. Kamakoti

Hi Everyone,

I wish you a very Happy New Year and let me start this with an “once-in -a-lifetimeannouncement.

Ever heard of an online university? I am sure, you must have definitely heard about it.

Ever attended an online university? Not all of you.

So, here’s a brilliant opportunity for you to learn from the best, and even receive an e-certificate after clearing exams. The only pre-requisite for this course – a laptop or computer with internet connection(exams will be conducted in different cities across India. Below link has details)

Course name – Foundation of Computer Systems Design

This course is being taught by Prof. V. Kamakoti, who needs no introduction, who lead India’s first RISC-V microprocessor SHAKTI teamand made all of us proud.

This one is a unique opportunity for you to earn e-certificate from IIT Madras and Prof. Kamakoti, without being a student of IITM. The course is being supported by industries like Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Redhat, and many more. So, you never know, by taking this course, where you might land up. Here’s the link for more details –

Way back at IIT-Bombay, courses like above one’s, were conducted in classrooms and it really benefitted me a lot – both in learning wise and industry support wise. Courses related to Computer System Design, like the above one, will very much relate you to VLSI design and you will not just be a VLSI or Computer Designer, but an overall System Designer.

Start this year by “learning something New from the Best

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