150+ students have decided to upskill in VLSI

As mentioned in Economic Times (28/09/2020) newspapers, re-skilling and up-skilling has been top priority in India and all over world, as uncertainty mounts in VLSI and semi-conductor job market. Relying on past certificates and old technologies is a thing of past. Amongst latest technologies released in VLSI, few of them are RISC-V, Sky130 by Google/Skywater and full open-source EDA tool chain from RTL2GDS. VSD is proud to have got hands-on on these technologies

Couple of reasons noted for reskilling were frequent changes in VLSI technology, shorter shelf life of existing VLSI skills (physical Design is almost automated, all we need to know is how?), to mitigate risk of pink slips, existing college curriculum doesn’t cover skills needed for VLSI jobs and moreover, to check a candidates motivation to change and learn something new

And that’s where VSD must play an especially important role to bring in latest and greatest VLSI skills to you, atleast in the field of open-source hardware. VSD owes a lot to VLSI community and hence has planned 3 exclusive cloud lab-based VLSI workshops on 3 important topics, with top 3 expert instructors from around globe,  having more than 2 decades of experience – Tim Edwards, Steve Hoover, and Prof. Mohamed Shalan

  1. Open-source EDA tool development with lab exercises using Sky130 pdk’s by Google/Skywater
  2. RISC-V micro-architecture using transaction level – Verilog with lab exercises on Makerchip Platform
  3. SoC and Physical Design using Automated RTL2GDS OpenLANE tool with lab exercises using demo design and Sky130 pdk’s

These are VSD EXCLUSIVE workshops in field of VLSI, as it takes a ton of efforts to build cloud lab-based Physical design, RISC-V and EDA tool development workshops.

In this eve of national emergency of reskilling and upskilling, 150+ people have taken the best decisions of their careers to take up these workshops. So 150+ people are motivated to unlearn and relearn.

If you have decided the same, register for all 3 workshops using below links

Indian Participant :


International Participant:


In case if you wish to register in individual workshop, here is the link:


Human Life has become like a smartphone – you have to frequently upgrade the device and download new version of OS” – The Economic Times

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