VSD delivered 1st online analog tapeout workshop using Sky130

Ever heard of a 2-days online analog IP design and tapeout workshop? Ever heard that tapeout programs were even possible in a short span of 2-days? Above images are direct snippets from participants projects
A bit of history and journey
Our company VLSI System Design Corp. Pvt. Ltd. (VSD) had started in 2011 with a targeted vision ofintroducing IP and SoC design programs for the whole world. Being a fresher just out of college, this dream seemed just impossible. Today, in 2021, we feel quite satisfied as just yesterday, we completed our 1st design and tapeout workshop on analog PLL IP design using sky130 and this is just the beginning. It took us close to 10 years, 3-IITs (IIT Bombay, IIT Madras and IIT Guwahati) support, 40+ workshops, 52+ student IPs and million minutes of zoom calls 🙂
Time to take a back-seat and talk about instructor - Lakshmi Sathi
VSD works with 10000+ students around the world, and are lucky enough to interact with great instructors around the world. This time, for this workshop, we met Lakshmi Sathi, who is equally passionate to bring about a change in the way semiconductor programs are being conducted all over the world. Lakshmi took the initiative of building a PLL from specs to GDSII and tapeout with Skywater 130 nm technology node. Today after a year or so after design and tapeout, Lakshmi took up the challenge of packaging the entire learning in a 2-day workshop format
We now have 12 different variants of PLL designed during a 2-day workshop, which with a little bit of work, can easily be taped-out with a different specifications sheet. But instead of building the same PLL, VSD vision is to add more features, corners and then submit for tapeouts.
We are just getting started. VSD promises to deliver similar IP design workshops in upcoming days, followed by the next big leap - SoC design workshop with VSD SoC generator using all VSD IPs developed by VSD community using Skywater 130 nm technology node
More Deliverables
VSD is known to execute and deliver secret projects from time to time. So stay tuned:) Hint - You will notice a change around the way FPGA workshops are being delivered
If you wish to be a part of this exciting journey, just drop us an email with ideas, and we would find out a way to work with you
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