3rd mile-stone in 1-week in field of open-source – 4kB SRAM design

One more time, take a back-seat and appreciate/encourage all freshers like @Yash (who is just in Final year of graduation) to do a similar kind of work, by congratulating them. Again, GitHub is indeed your new Resume
@Yash joined our research project group under VSD Research internship program which runs for 8-weeks. He was supposed to explore openRAM memory compiler flow, develop all custom cells required by openRAM using OSU180nm and generate 4kB SRAM with an access time of 2.5ns
Almost 90% of the tasks have been finished, including pre-layout and post-layout circuit characterization for one corner, as that’s what was available openly. There is a last part which needs us to plug all components to openRAM compiler, and we will do it soon.
Read below for more details about a masterpiece work of art which @Yash has achieved:
The next part of research will be to port this entire project on google+sky130nm open-process, and make it work with openRAM memory compiler.
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