VSDOpen2023: Where RISC-V Dreams Turn into Product Reality

Welcome to a milestone in the world of VLSI and semiconductors - the VSDOpen2023. This year’s conference is not just another event; it's a defining moment that promises to reshape the contours of the industry.

RISC-V Hackathon: The Future Begins Here

For the very first time, VSDOpen is playing host to the RISC-V product development hackathon finale. From over 200 innovative teams who poured their ingenuity into RISC-V based product ideas, a mere 11 have risen to the top. These selected teams will converge in Bangalore, presenting their working prototypes to a panel of elite judges with decades of product expertise under their belts.

Witness Innovation Unfold LIVE

The entire conference, brimming with talent and innovation, will be LIVE streamed on YouTube. It's more than just a showcase; it's an opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative Product-Based Skilling in VLSI and semiconductors taking root in India. This paradigm shift heralds the future of VLSI and semiconductor talent development.

A Proven Model of Excellence

Over the years, our model has been honed to perfection, standing as a testament to our commitment and vision. As of now, this model is already being implemented across numerous colleges and universities in Bangalore. VSDOpen has always been the stage where we unveil our progress, and as we mark the 6th year of this tradition, the excitement is palpable.

Unparalleled Support for VSDOpen2023

What sets this year apart? The unwavering support from some of the most prominent names in the industry. The VLSI Society of India (VSI), efabless, and Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us this year.

Gratitude Where It's Due

Our journey towards this monumental event has been paved with guidance and support. A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Satya Gupta and Chitra Hariharan.Their involvement from the inception has been instrumental. Their dedication led us to the right paths, helped us overcome challenges, and paved the way for VSDOpen and the RISC-V product hackathon. With VSI also sponsoring the hackathon prize money, their generosity knows no bounds.

A massive shoutout to Dr. Jamuna and Dr. Manjunath from Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering. Their swift action and comprehensive support, from auditoriums to round-the-clock lab access, have been nothing short of miraculous. Their belief in the national significance of this event has been our driving force.

No VSD event is complete without mentioning the contributions of efabless. The chips from efabless form the backbone of our hackathon, and we owe a massive thanks to Mike Wishart and Mohamad Kaseem. Their guidance over the past 12 years has been invaluable.

Finally, thanks to Prof V Kamakoti, the architect of DIR-V program by ISM who has helped set the vision of RISC-V for the nation

Join the VLSI Revolution LIVE

You're invited to be part of this historic event. Catch all the action LIVE on YouTube. To register, visit our VSDOpen official website.

Together, let's celebrate the future of VLSI and semiconductors!

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