Let Knowledge Win

Trust me – KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER to students is MOST SATISFYING feeling.  

The key thing over here – It must be short and crisp so everyone can enjoy the topic. These are memorable times, where everyone needs to do their bit to fight a battle against an unknown enemy. You need not make new slides, you are free to present your personal/company slides, provided it’s available on public platform.

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Wanna fix DRC notch violations? There you go…

DRC is something which (most likely) is supposed to fail in first instance. Let’s see what you do to fix them. In below eg. drc count is 25. Qrouter (an open-source router, which will be discussed in detail in webinar) is really good with some standard cell sets like the one which comes distributed with qflow, like OSU018, they are really nice one’s to work with. All the ports have nice squares, they don’t have these inside ‘L’ corners as shown below.

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eFabless is back…with synth/PD/DRC/LVS…and a working CHIP

A working chip is all using opensource EDA tools (no more license fee). Of course, its taped-out in 180nm technology. But who knows, this might be just the beginning. Upcoming blogs will talk more about the commercial angle of this. Let’s see how it is going to benefit student/professionals/innovators community

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