What is set_multi_cpu_usage in physical design or STA?

We had an amazing dry run and answered couple of below queries…
1) What happens when you type set_multi_cpu_usage -localCpu 4 on your EDA timing shell?
2) What happens when you type set_multi_cpu_usage -localCpu 4 -num Threads 4 on your EDA timing shell?
I had a curiosity, while working at my previous design companies, about how jobs are getting spawned on different machines? What if there are less machines and more jobs, and vice versa? How does the algorithm of a timing engine handles this?
I myself used to setup the entire distributed MMMC framework for timing tools at customer place, which was just setting the right variables (set_multi_cpu_usage), but never knew what goes behind the tools. Its the curiosity which leads to queries which leads to exploration and finally, leads to answers. I found my answers from Tsung-Wei, who is the architect of popular opensource STA Tool Opentimer.
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Here’s the link:
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