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Hi Everyone,

Finally, it is out – VSD has its own internship program with loads of fun learning and career growth. The day, like 4 years back, when we had sketched below idea, now seems to be a reality. Thanks to all our partners, especially Efabless Corp. Pvt. Ltd. for RISC-V based Raven tape-out using end-to-end open-source EDA tools and E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati for hosting this Summer Online Internship (SOI) program at PAN India Level

The vision for next 4 years is simple – We have a silicon proven RISC-V based reference chip Raven, with highest level of documentation. We have full information and documentation of all analog and digital IP’s used in Raven chip. We have OSU-180nm open-source PDK’s. And we have open-source EDA tools.

All you need to do is, design same IP’s with similar target specifications using OSU-180nm

Sounds simple. Now hear this out. Keeping things simple is most difficult task. This needs extensive research and so this internship program will be Research Internship program, where the targets are well defined, but the process is not.

Here is your chance to invent something on your own. We have our own screening, which will give us an idea of how much effort you are ready to put in research. One thing I can promise you, once you are out of this intensive research internship program, you will be the best and unique designer

If you think you are ready for a research-oriented internship, apply using below link

All the best and happy learning…

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