Some real good news for designers registered in my courses!!


I have been traveling last few days to Silicon Valley, San Jose US and would love to say, I have some real good news for people or designers registered in my courses.
Remember, sometime back, I had announced about you being able to design your own cool inventions or ideas using tools which are free. Now, with that, you will also to be able to give a value to your inventions, give a name to it and let others know about it so that they can use it in their work and you get royalty for the same. Sounds too long and confusing. Let me explain you with couple of images.
Let’s say you have this awesome idea, which might revolutionize the mobile industry, but you do not have the right tools to do it. If I help you with the right tools, I am sure you will be able to design it.
I like the quote from the movie ‘The Dark Night’, where the Joker says If you are good at something, never do it from free. And exactly, why you should be designing IP’s or your designs for free? What if you get a royalty for what you have designed? So why not put it in a market place and let others know how cool your product is.
Its very similar to a super market store, where you place your product for other needy and interested people. The people may be college students who are looking for solutions to their final year projects OR looking for a quick code to route 2 endpoints. You never know. Now, when they see your IP satisfying their needs, they will pay a royalty to you.
That’s it…. So your designs are no more just a design…its an IP and you will be solving some of others biggest problems right from your home…Isn’t that cool?
Stay tuned to my below courses and I will exactly let you know how do you do all of above!!
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