Want to know history and future of semi-conductors? Attend VSDOpen2019..

Hear it from an expert – Daniel Nenni, founder of SemiWiki.com

Daniel Nenni needs no introduction and we all know he runs a very successful semiconductor blogging site – SemiWiki.com. It’s an open forum for semiconductor professionals where Daniel and others share their many years of semiconductor experience. Not only that, he is the co-author and publisher of 2 very popular books:

  • Fabless: The transformation of the Semiconductor Industry (updated in 2019)
  • Mobile Unleashed – The history of ARM, Qualcomm, Apple, and Samsung

Every year we do an online conference, VSDOpen2019, which is dedicated to people who love openness, that’s where VSD and Daniel truly complement each other. We are glad to have Daniel as the VSDOpen Keynote Speaker where he will share his expert knowledge on the history and future of semiconductors.

There is an an acute interest about how the semiconductor industry looked about 40 years ago. Remember the 1980-1990 regime when Japanese stood to be the world leaders in semiconductor manufacturing? 1k and 16k DRAM’s are where Japanese firms had heavily invested, and there was an era (around 1990) where 6 Japanese firms accounted for 38% of the semiconductor market.

1990-2010 was the era when the top semiconductor companies refocused on other market segments such as microprocessors, mobile SoCs, and graphics chips and became dominant market leaders. Intel, AMD, Qualcomm and Nvidia were among the top one’s.

Today systems companies such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Facebook, Google, and Tesla are driving the semiconductor industry.

Does that story sound interesting? If yes, that’s precisely the focus of Daniel’s Keynote and he is going to bring out some more interesting history and future of semiconductors. To make it effective, we need your help.

We are doing this “Keynote” session as a special Q&A, where Daniel will answer your queries, which you create using the google form below. We will be selecting the top 10 questions, so please be as specific as you can while asking your query and we will make sure it gets answered.


All the best and happy learning!

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