VSDOpen 2019 Demo 1 : Raven Chip – First-time silicon success with Qflow and Efabless

The Raven chip: First-time silicon success with Qflow and Efabless








  • Raven is a open-source top-level SoC design based on an open-source RISC-V core
  • Complete SoC design including digital and analog IP
  • Build using a open-source design flow
  • Successfully implemented in silicon using X-FAB’s 180nm XH018 process
  • The project is available through Github including test benches and development board
  • Users can also clone the project on the Efabless platform to create derivative designs
  • The raven chip contains two ADCs, a DAC, comparator, bandgap, RC oscillator, and over-temperature alarm, as well as 16 bits of general-purpose digital inputs/outputs.
  • It is powered off of a single 3.3V supply and driven by a 5 to 12 MHz crystal. The core CPU clock speed is 8 times the crystal frequency.
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