RISC-V cpu core – place & route at $0 – using industry grade EDA tools


As you know, from last 6 years, we have been talking about an idea, a belief, to place and route designs for free. You, being a part of my community, would very well know, how important this was for us and for bringing up your innovation in front of the whole world. That led us to release so many online video courses on opensource tools like Opentimer, Magic, Yosys, and many more.

Glad to let you all know, history is in the making…For first time, a RISC-V cpu core is being placed using end-to-end opensource EDA tool. This is possible due constant effort and dedication by so many visionary people in industry, and will let you know all details about all of them very soon.

Stay tuned…Till then..Watch the promo video below and happy Learning.

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