A prestigious day for us…It can be for you..


A proud moment for our company VLSI System Design Corporation Pvt. Ltd., for my colleague Anagha Ghosh and for myself (See image below)

Our company’s first paper on IEEE explore for technology mediated learning – World’s prestigious institute for engineering and technology innovation. Here’s the link for the paper

We started with CDNLive, ORConf, DSD and now IEEE…It has been a journey, and it can be for you as well. Its just the matter of starting from somewhere. Here’s our platform for you, the most feasible way to submit and present your ideas in the field of opensource EDA
Once you submit, your paper gets approved by our team of Session Chair’s, you never know, you might just have your paper presented at IEEE. Think about it . This is your chance.
And best part about VSDOpen – Its completely online…
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