Keynote 1(Continued): Inception of Intel 8086

It wasn’t that bigger deal for Intel because they thought, at the time, it will be 250,000 chips will be sold for 5 years, which isn’t that many. But they were wrong. It was a 100Million computers were sold. And suddenly 8086 from being an emergency back-up was an over-night success and had a very bright future, because it was binary compatible of PC software, and so had great opportunity

Isn’t that an inspiring story?

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SiFive RISCV Symposium Day 1 – Blockbuster opening at Hyderabad

The tech symposium started with Krste’s talk on “History of RISC-V Ecosystem around the world”. The talk started from very basic topic like “Why Instruction Set Architecture Matters?” and ended on a very important note on the need of a FREE ISA. He also provided ideas on how chip design factories can become company like Instagram, which exactly is everybody’s vision of abstracting details, and take advantage of existing online infrastructure

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An overview of Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2018

That’s exactly what happened in DAC2018 at Moscone Center, San Francisco. I was invited for a talk in DAC summer school, on my work “vsdflow” which is also one of the main topics of discussion in my “TCL programming” course on Udemy. I would say, the entire DAC was a journey of events, exchange of ideas between brightest minds of the world.

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