SiFive RISCV Symposium Day 2 – Bangalore, the land of AI/ML

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AI and machine learning (branch of AI) needs deep neural networks, which in turn requires high-performance computing. SiFive and RISC-V organization were happy to announce a solution, tailored to this requirement to AI/ML start-ups in Bangalore on 23rd August

Krste started the talk with “History of RISC-V ecosystem around the world” and its application in ML. This was followed by keynote on “RISC-V Enabling a New Era of Open Data-Centric Computing Architectures” by Vivek Tyagi, Director, Western Digital, and “High bandwidth memory IP sub-system” by Bhupesh Dasila, Engineering Manager, Open Silicon.

There was a very interesting talk by Chandan Haldar, CEO, Morphing Machines on “Reconfigurable Processor cores : GP-GPU scale MIMD accelerator SoC Platform using RISC-V ISA”. Morphing Machines is on a mission to create an exciting new range of silicon-centric solutions for compute-intensive applications. It is a closely held Indian fab-less semiconductor IP products and solutions company launched from the Technology Entrepreneurship initiative of the Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore

The event ended with a keynotes and talk from Sunil Shenoy, VP of Hardware Engineering, SiFive, on “Hardware design methodology for RISC-V based SoC”,  Shafy ltoukhy, SVP and General Manager, Open-Silicon, on “SiFive, Leader in RISC-V and Custom Silicon Solutions” and mine and Anagha’s tutorial on “How to design complex RISC-V SoC using open-source EDA tools”/”Time to monetize/productize your idea”

Startups in Bangalore had welcomed SiFive and RISC-V with wide arms, which is a proof of how RISC-V is a game changer for startups. Next city is Chennai, and stay tuned for more updates

All the best and happy learning…

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