I wanna talk to hardware…I need Embedded Software Engineer

Hey There,

It’s time – We are looking to talk to our hardware, and we need you in Bangalore (2-3 or 4-6 yrs work ex)

Read below very carefully, and if you think you fit, please send us email at “contactvsd@vlsisystemdesign.com”….

If you have experience Developing/Reviewing/Verification and testing maintainable, high performance embedded software in C/C++ with systems programming experience writing Embedded Systems Programs preferably including OS components and BSPs – You are hired

If you have the capacity to work in a team and agility to work multiple potentially disparate projects simultaneously – You are hired

If you understand requirements from an Architecture/Design inputs, Review and implement/Review implementation of OS Component modules to specific safety and mission critical standards – You are hired

If you can design, develop, analyze, and test software modules from prototype to operational using modern software development languages and practices – You are hired

If you can assess performance on real-world data – You are hired

If you can document the Design, and test results via written reports and/or well-commented code – You are hired

If you are bachelor’s or Master’s in Computer science / Electronics Engineering with minimum of 2 years of experience in Embedded systems programming

And if you have experience developing agile, maintainable, high performance software in C/C++ and/or C#

And if you Understanding/Exposure in using/developing real-time operating system components with a flair for understanding Embedded systems hardware

And if you have Capacity to work in a team

And if you have Good written and verbal communication skills

And if you are familiar with developmental environments for Linux and/or VxWorks

And if you understand multithreaded architectures, thread synchronization and queues

And if you have Experience with microcontrollers and Embedded systems programming, BSP development, etc with a flair for understanding underlying hardware, especially Xilinx FPGAs and AGILE software development methodology


I never said it would be easy……

All the best and happy learning…..

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