8th mile-stone – A story of 2kbps line and 8x clock multiplier

Can you ever imagine about a student from a remote village having 2kbps internet speed, building an On-Chip PLL IP that provides 8x of reference clock, which you will use to model your jitter and uncertainty in STA? Isn’t that UNBELIEVABLE? Meet Paras Gidd, who fought this situation like a KING and came out like a true WINNER

This time, VSD Research IP design 8-week internship were a series of stories about people and students reaching great heights, using available resources. Thanks to Pandemic, every VSD student from every corner of the world realized the power of open-source EDA for VLSI learning/trainings.

Leaving politics aside, imagine what a student would had done in lock-down for past 4-months, has no access to college, hence no access to tool licenses and min internet speed. Thanks to open-source EDA, in last 4 months. Paras Gidd was able to achieve 40MHz to 100MHz clock frequency in PLL mode post-layout using osu180nm tech node in a matter of 8-weeks.

Here’s his entire GitHub repository which explains all minute details about his work – An absolute masterpiece

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