we are close… just wait ‘n’ watch!!


Wondering…what are we closing on……!!

So what if, I show you the below image which represents synthesized version some complex design (say, microprocessor)…you must have seen this a lot, if you are enrolled in any one of my course on Udemy

And also, I show you the below placed and routed version of the above design:

...also why not glimpse into the final packaged version of IC (internals)

Look into all of the above, and I ask you to relate them…what will be your take? Can you do that, with a handful of images? I am sure you can, with a little bit of google and some effort.

What if I am able to save your googling time and ask you another question?

How do you connect the below small highlighted gate to your final packaged design?

The answer to this is below….its ‘layout’

Still, how can be a packaged design on a silicon communicate with designs? There are lot of un-answered questions, which needs to be tactfully looked upon and answered using ‘structured’ sound knowledge on fabrication, and physical design…

I will be very soon answering all of them in a single course ‘Custom Layout’….

So stay tuned, stay hungry, and you will soon hear from me about pre-launch announcement for this course….

Happy Learning!!

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