vlsisystemdesign.com – re-created, revamped and re-published – its cooler now!!

vlsisystemdesign.com – The website which started with basic hand-drawn diagrams and blogs is now being re-created, revamped and re-published. This time, it more cooler and light weight than before, and you will fall in love with it. If you don’t, please send us feedback, why you still haven’t and it will be taken care of 🙂

Now, the mission and goal is quite clear, and let me give you some brief highlights of the newly re-launched website…

The homepage below has 3 buttons:


Online Video  page will re-direct to list of all my courses and blogs that I have till now. Will get back to this page below

Practice with OST (Open Source Tools) Once you understand, say CPPR point or voltage transfer characteristics, and also are aware of open source tools like MAGIC, OpenTimer, ngspice, etc., this page (under construction) will help you to practice those designs. Till the time, forum is ready for practicing, you can use Virtual-Box for downloading/installing tools on your laptop, and start designing.

Design Projects “Concepts- Tool – Practice, finale product stage. Now the main phase (productize)” i.e. product acceptance in community and applied in correct channel. The complete process is incomplete without the last (main phase). All individual at certain stage must have reached upto three steps. Here, at VSD, we will guide you to take the next two steps to Productize your idea. Our vision is to Take YOU from idea level to the finale product application in market or community with minimal.

Coming back to Online Video page, we have 2 buttons, shown below. One button will redirect you to my video, and other one will take you to the blogs page: By the way, the person in below image…its not me 🙂

Next, you have a cool chat box, at right bottom of the web page, which will help you chat with me directly. Now since the website will be live during IST, I will be able to reply, consult, talk to you real time, but during offline hours, it will save a message for me and I will get back to you at the earliest. Have a look and try it out:

And finally, we have a place for all of you young and new bloggers to write blogs on our forum. We are looking for fresh and unique blogs here. By unique, I mean, loads of images, and very few text. Images speaks a far more than text, and by now, this must have been evident from my courses and blogs.

This website is under constant improvement. The team has worked really hard and we will need your help to improvise this one. This is your website. Treat it one of yours. Your fresh ideas will give this website and forum a look which you need and easy to use.

This website perfectly matches what Socrates said “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new

Let’s constantly change and I will talk about “Open To Innovate” concept, which was, and still is, our vision, mission and goal when we started back then in 2011.

Till then, enjoy the website, provide feedback, and happy learning!!

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