The heart is missing….

Another way to convey all VLSI freshers, faculties, research scholars, PhD’s and VLSI learners. Keeping things simple is the key to success and this video focuses on simplicity. Being an industry spokesperson at a recent talk conducted by NPTEL, IIT Madras, VSD showed how basic (and important) things of chip design can be achieved through open-source EDA. We did a demo Physical Design and STA runs using qflow-350nm/openroad-45nm pdk’s LIVE in this video.

Having an EDA back-ground myself, I totally love closed-source tools. With that said, you really don’t need these tools for learning some very basic VLSI fundamentals. Almost, everything, every concept can be demonstrated using open-source (below video is an example of the same). Advanced topics like POCV, CCS, ECSM, CDC, Glitch are a derivatives of VLSI fundamentals.

Now let’s talk where the gap is –

In recent chat with industry persons, they claim they got candidates who hadn’t even opened a .lib or .sdc file and looked what does it consists of

In recent chat with freshers, they claimed industry don’t encourage freshers, but many of them also agree that they hadn’t opened a .lib or .sdc file and looked at it yet

Guess what? .lib/.sdc are the heart of VLSI design – The heart is missing here…

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