RISC-V enters India and VSD personally invite you…

Another chance, another medium, another platform for us to catch-up personally…. (You might want to forward this email to your colleagues staying close-by any one of below cities, and encourage them to attend this free event to learn more about RISC-V ecosystem in India)

We would like to invite you to attend one of the SiFive & Open-Silicon Tech Symposiums taking place at six different locations throughout India in August. See map in below image for exact locations and date of events.

I would be presenting a very important tutorial, which closely connects open-source ISA implementation to open-source EDA tools – “How to design complex RISC-V SoC with open-source EDA tools and time to productize design ideas?

Because India has adopted RISC-V as the national ISA, the time is now to learn from the academic luminaries who created this open architecture, and the engineers who are facilitating the mass adoption of RISC-V through customized silicon, design platforms and accelerators.

The seminar is free to attend and will include a broad spectrum of guest speakers, ranging from well-known professors at Indian institutes and research organizations to company founders and senior executives from the U.S. and India who are witnessing, first hand, the momentum of RISC-V and its impact on the worldwide semiconductor ecosystem.

Seating is limited, so please register online now to secure your spot using below link.


We look forward to seeing you there!

All the best and happy learning…

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