Now that’s the beauty of open-source….

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Our team worked really hard to get Robot + MP3 player using India’s First Indegenious 32-bit RISC-V Microprocessor “Shakti E-Class”…This one is Shakti on FPGA….Many more customer products are getting ready using Shakti processor and indigenous board, for IESA event at Leela Palace, Bangalore on 19th and 20th Feb… Join us and meet the brightest brains of India who built Shakti from scratch…
What’s unique about this robot and the RISC-V core which is driving it?
We know the core, we know RISC-V, we know the software, we know the hardware, we know the chip layout – Full control – That’s the beauty of open-source hardware. You are in full control of everything including it’s security. Stay tuned for more updates….
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