Now that’s the beauty of open-source….

Hey There, Our team worked really hard to get Robot + MP3 player using India’s First Indegenious 32-bit RISC-V Microprocessor “Shakti E-Class”…This one is Shakti on FPGA….Many more customer products are getting ready using Shakti processor and indigenous board, for IESA event at Leela Palace, Bangalore on 19th and 20th […]

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Re-define pad placement using open-source EDA

Hey There – Think about it!!! Last week, we shared our idea and vision of “How to define the width and height of core and die using opensource EDA tools?” – This is not for toy designs, but for a complex hierarchical designs, with instance count up to 500k instance […]

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Let’s re-think open-source EDA – core and die

Hey There – Think about it!!! Today’s version of open-source EDA tools, work very well for hierarchical designs sub-25k instance count. For hierarchical designs ~500k instance count, what if, we develop code which will enable users to design/decide chip area based on width and height of chip OR utilization factor […]

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Keynote 1(Continued): Inception of Intel 8086

It wasn’t that bigger deal for Intel because they thought, at the time, it will be 250,000 chips will be sold for 5 years, which isn’t that many. But they were wrong. It was a 100Million computers were sold. And suddenly 8086 from being an emergency back-up was an over-night success and had a very bright future, because it was binary compatible of PC software, and so had great opportunity

Isn’t that an inspiring story?

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Opensource EDA tool installation issue – Resolved

Hi Vlsi

Your feedback has been continuously pushing us to the edge. And I really want to Thank You for all the support you have been giving over the past. Its due to this push, we are now releasing (especially for VLSI freshers), a package, which you just need to download/run. That would install all opensource EDA tools on your UNIX machine plus run a complete RTL-2-GDS on RISC-V core ‘picorv32’.

All you need to do is go to below github link, and follow simple 5 steps given in the README of below link:

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A new golden age for computer architecture by Prof. David Patterson

In last 50 years, there are 3 lessons that we can draw. First – software advances can inspire architecture innovations. Second – when we raise the hardware/software interface, it creates opportunities for architecture innovation. Third – in our field, the way we settle these debates, isn’t by just arguing in a bar, rather people spent/invest billions of dollars to investigate their ideas and marketplace settles these debates

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