A great day at STA workshop & my two cents on freshers and recruiters

You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them

That was the exact atmosphere of entire room in which I conducted STA workshop in Bangalore. We must have seen quotes, posts and articles from recruiters and freshers, where companies refrain from hiring freshers just because they are freshers, and recruiters post job requirements for freshers and end up not hiring them, again, just because they have been told not to hire freshers.

My opinion on this (after my STA workshop) – Recruiters & Freshers, none of them are at fault. It’s the trainers in companies who are not confident enough of turning a stone into diamonds.

Before everyone came to the workshop, I did a quick check on their background, and I found I had a spread of nice people right from 0 years of experience to 8 years of experience from varied back-ground like information security, flow validation, defense personnel and people just one month out of college.

After the workshop, everyone in the room (and I quote ‘Everyone’), who were freshers in STA domain, now knew how to benchmark a STA timing tool in terms of run time & memory, how to characterize a design performance (like WNS, TNS, Frequency of a design), successfully fixed hold violations in a design (some of them were even able to identify critical paths in design) which we call as ECO (Engineering Change Order) and some advanced UNIX scripting and commands. All of these in just 3 hours of workshop and using Open Source STA tool

Below is the entire batch of 30 people, split in 2 batches of 15 people each


I am pretty confident, all above (just after 3 hours of training) will be able to answer most of STA queries or at least have the right approach to resolve any problem statement on STA, in a better and similar way, just like any 5+ years’ experience STA person

You give me all the above people for just 15 days, and I can turn all them into diamonds. That’s the confidence level needed by a trainer responsible for training freshers in a company. That’s the confidence level needed by any firm to hire any fresher

My message for all freshers and recruiters, all of you are doing great job, and can do even more great things with the kind of attitude and energy you have

My message for trainers in any company, refraining from hiring freshers…Have a cup of coffee with me, and I can tell you how exactly this is done

The best way to improve the team is to improve yourself” – John Wooden

I would like to see more freshers coming up in my workshops and share their and my experiences – Till then…happy learning

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