A tribute to opensource (EDA and ISA)

Since then, we have promoted courses using a lot of open-source EDA tools like Opentimer for STA, qflow for Physical design, TL-verilog for pipelining, Yosys for Synthesis, Proton for EDA and many more. Not only that, we have organized an online conference (as you might be aware) and here’s the link with details:


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From VLSI to System Design (SoC) – The choice of SPI

SPI model is a master/slave model. There’s some SPI master which determines who gets to transmit and who gets to receive. The output from SPI master is called MOSI (Master Out Slave In). If you have 2 slaves, slave 1 and slave 2, as shown below, MOSI goes to all the slaves .Then you have another line MISO (Master In Slave Out). All the wires are connected, as shown in below image. Then you have a master only function called SCLK, which goes to all the slaves. Now also, there must be a slave select (SS) for S1 and a slave select for S2.

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From RISC-V architecture to Layout – Coming Soon

A high-level program, like swap.c as shown below is first converted to an assembly language program (RISC-V in below example) using compiler. This assembly language is converted to binary machine language program using an assembler. This level of abstraction of your application using high-level programming languages like C, C++, Java or Visual Basic, proves to be a great idea to improve design

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