Call for Submission

Submission Deadline: August 15th,2019

Thank you very much for your support to VSDOpen 2019.

Submission should be in PowerPoint presentation. The following are required for your submission:

  • The title of the presentation
  • Abstract of 100 words
  • Category (a list will be provided)
  • Topic Area (a list will be provided)
  • Presenter(s) name, affiliation, city, state, country, and email address
  • Upload 6 slides max PowerPoint presentation (extra note is optional but preferred)

The following guidelines should be followed when preparing your slides for submission:

  • Submissions are limited to 6 total slides*.
  • Submissions must be in PowerPoint format: 16:9 aspect ratio.
    • Slide 1: Title, author names and affiliations
      • Authors may NOT be added after acceptance, so be sure to list all authors in the initial submission.
    • Slide 2: Symposium Topic
      • Include an introduction that specifies the context and topic of the submission.
    • Slide 3: Main Idea
      • Include details on the specific contributions of your work. Examples: innovative use of open source tools to achieve a specific goal, user enhancements to the tool and/or tool flow.
    • Slide 4: Additional Content Slide
      • Flexibility to add a slide that demonstrates value of the paper/idea
    • Slide 5: Evidence
    • Slide 6: Summary
      • Include a summary that highlights the main results of your work. Results are needed to evaluate the impact of your contribution. Metrics that could be used include productivity enhancement, improved quality of silicon, decreased complexity, and reduced time-to-market.

*Important: Ensure that you have the content and data obtained using Open source domain and tools to submit your presentation.

Please email your submission here to

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The best abstract submissions will be given an option for oral presentation, and the attendance in the conference is a must. All persons submitting an abstract must register and submit payment before the conference..

Conference Registration will open on 16th August 2019.Conference will be LIVE.