VSD - TCL programming - From novice to expert - Part 2


This course is a unique mixture of TCL programming being used in manipulating output EDA tools, creating EDA commands (like call_timer, read_sdc, and many more) and generating output timing summary report. The concept of this course can be extended to create any command, moreover, create any kind of UI you wish to.

  • Build TCL scripts on their own from scratch
  • Build their own UI (user-interface)

  • Build their own procs and commands

This course will be more memorable one, as its a "first-of-its-kind" "state-of-the-art" unique blending of TCL with EDA.


  • Introduction to Yosys synthesis tool usage
    • Example of a memory module RTL description
    • Memory functionality and Synthesis using Yosys
    • Components and Gate level netlist description of Snthesized memory
    • Memory Write operation discussed in detail
    • Memory Read operation and TCL scripting agenda
  • Hierarchy check and error handling script creation for Yosys

    • Script to do hierarchy check
    • Demo for hierarchy check script generation
    • Error handling script for hierarchy check
    • Demo for error handling script
  • Synthesis main file scripting and output file editing
    • Synthesis script creation and demo
    • Need and script to edit yosys output netlist
    • Demo to edit output netlist and Introduction to 'procs'
  • World of 'Procs'
    • Redirect stdout proc and demo of TCL array command
    • 'set_multi_cpu_usage' proc
    • Demo for 'set_multi_cpu_usage' proc
    • read_lib and read_verilog proc demo
  • read_sdc proc - interpret clock generation constraints
    • Read SDC file and replace square brackets by 'null'
    • Evaluate clock period and clock port name from processed SDC
    • Evaluate duty cycle and create clock in opentimer format
    • Demo to convert constraints from SDC format to opentimer format
  • read_sdc proc - interpret IO delays and transition constraints
    • Grep clock latency and port name from SDC file
    • Convert set_clock_latency SDC to opentimer format
    • Demo to convert set_clock_latency in SDC to arrival_time in opentimer
    • Script and demo convert transition and input delay to opentimer format
    • Script and demo to convert output SDC constraints to opentimer format
  • Process bussed ports and configuration file creation
    • Script to expand bussed input ports for arrival time constraints
    • Script and demo to convert all bussed constraints to bit-blasted
    • Opentimer configuration file creation
  • Quality of results (QOR) generation algorithm
    • Script to obtain STA runtime
    • Script to obtain WNS and FEP for reg2out violations
    • Script and demo for instance count, WNS and FEP for setup and hold
    • Script and demo for report formatting

Audience Profile

  • Anyone who wishes to build his/her UI and learn TCL programming from basics
  • Anyone who wants to learn basics of RTL synthesis
  • Anyone who wants to learn basic programming algorithm and data flow


  • TCL Programming - Part 1 needs to completed atleast 50%
  • Yosys synthesis tool needs to be installed

Tools Used

TCL scripts, (Tool Command Language) is a very powerful but easy to learn dynamic programming language

Shell script is a computer program designed to be run by the Unix shell, a command-line interpreter

Yosys is open source framework for Verilog RTL synthesis

Opentimer open source tool developed by Tsung-Wei Huang and Prof. Martin D. F. Wong in the University of Illinios at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), IL, USA

Qflow –  Tool chain (like Yosys, Graywolf) for complete RTL2GDS flow

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