VSD - Physical Design Webinar using EDA tool 'Proton'


Be it in any field - Change is inevitable. Let’s change the way we used to do Physical design. This time, no need to install tools on laptop, no licenses needed, no hidden costs, just your gmail login id and you are ready to design your first chip online. Find it hard to believe?

  • Build, Verify and PNR any design, for which you have an RTL
  • Characterize any post-layout design in terms of frequency, net count, instance count, runtime and many more

  • Do entire floorplanning of chip online using steps mentioned in webinar

The lectures are accompanied by hands-on labs.


  • Introduction to PD concepts and design
  •  'Proton' features and capabilities
    • Introduction to Cloud tool platform webchip.in
    • Launch EDA tool 'Proton' LIVE on Webchip.in
  • RTL Design functionality verification and view physical cells
    • Multiplier functionality description
    • Functionality verification using iverilog on 'Proton'
    • Import physical cells and view LEF
    • LIVE Q&A with participants regarding LEF
  • RTL Synthesis steps and Q&A
    • Synthesis using 'qflow yosys'
    • LIVE QnA with participants regarding synthesis algorithm
    • Pre-layout timing analysis and LIVE QnA
  • Floorplanning and power planning strategies
    • Floorplanning concept and demonstration
    • Detail discussion on power and gnd rails location
    • LIVE QnA with participants regarding power planning
  • Placement and Routing steps using 'Proton'
    • Cell and automated pin placement concept and demo using graywolf
    • LIVE QnA with participants regarding cell and pin placement
    • Analyze placement and clock tree synthesis
    • More LIVE QnA on flylines and demo routing step
    • Commands to analyze and report routing statistics
  • Post layout STA and future work
    • Post layout timing analysis steps and discussion on new feature enablement
    • LIVE QnA discussion with participants regarding timing ECO
    • Assignment details and upcoming webinars announcement
    • Plan going further and future tentative tool enhancements
  • Labs and Practice Assignment

Audience Profile

  • Anyone who wants to learn chip designing using industry grade EDA tool
  • Anyone who has the limitation of tool installation and wants to design chip online


  • You should have completed Physical design course
  • You should have completed STA-1 course

Tools Used

"Proton" Physical design open source EDA tool

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