VSD - Clock Tree Synthesis - Part 1


Clock Tree Networks are Pillars and Columns of a Chip. With these series of lectures, we have explored on-site concepts applied in VLSI industry. It is a One-Stop-Shop to understand industrial VLSI circuits.The videos will develop an analytical approach to tackle technical challenges while building Clock Tree.

  • CTS Quality Checks (Skew, Power, Latency, etc.)
  • H-Tree
  • Quality Check of H-Tree
  • Clock Tree Buffering
  • Buffered H-Tree
  • H-Tree with uneven spread of Flops
  • Advanced H-Tree for Million Flops
  • Power Aware CTS (clock gating)
  • Static Timing Analysis with Clock Tree


  • Introduction to Clock Tree Synthesis
  • Clock Tree Quality Check Parameters

    • Skew and Pulse Width Check
    • Duty Cycle and Latency Check
    • Latency and Power Check
    • Power Check Continued
    • Power and Crosstalk Quality Check
    • Delta Delay Quality Check
    • Glitch Quality Check
  • H-Tree
    • H-Tree Algorithm and Skew Check
    • H-Tree Pulse Width and Duty Cycle Check
    • H-Tree Latency and Power Check
  • Clock Tree Modelling and Observations
    • Clock Tree Modelling
    • Clock Tree Building
    • Clock Tree Buffering
    • Clock Tree Observations
  • Buffered H - Tree
    • H-Tree Buffering Observations
    • H-Tree Skew Check
    • H-Tree Pulse Width Check and Issues with Regular Buffers
    • CMOS Inverter PMOS/NMOS Switching Resistance Difference
    • CMOS Inverter PMOS/NMOS Matching Switching Resistance Solution
    • H-Tree with Clock Buffers and Pulse Width Check
    • H-Tree Duty Cycle, Latency and Power Checks
    • Dynamic Power and Short Circuit Power
    • Leakage Power
    • Conclusion and next topics!
  • Interview Questions
    • Skew
    • Buffer Levels
    • Latency
    • Clock Gating
    • Setup Slack
    • Setup Slack - I
    • Short Circuit Power
    • Delay Table
    • Leakage Current
    • Total Chip Power

Audience Profile

  • Individuals keen to learn about VLSI and Chip World


  • Individuals having Basic Knowledge of Electrical and Electronics

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