VSD - A complete guide to install open-source EDA tools


This FREE course will enable you and help you overcome the challenges that you face installing open-source tools. Well, I have launched a couple of courses which shows how to use the open-source tools, while this course shows how to install open-source tools. So this course should make you completely unloaded from the burden of how to install open-source tools, since we don everything from scratch.

  • Install open-source tools on their personal laptops or computers
  • Get started with examples and designs showcased in all my other courses

  • This would be the first course to be completed and implemented before taking all other courses

  • Everyone who has already enrolled to my other courses, will be able to overcome the challenge in installing open-source tools

All installation steps including exclusive links for every tool has been captured in this course.So start your installation right now and design your chip FREE OF COST....


  • Introduction to IC design components
  • How to install virtual box?
  • How to install ngSpice?
  • How to install MAGIC layout editor?
  • How to install Opentimer STA tool?
  • How to install eSim schematic editor?
  • How to install Yosys Synthesis Tool?

Audience Profile

  • Everyone who wants to explore and innovate using open-source EDA tools
  • Every hobbyists who want to implement their design using open-source EDA tools


  • Basic digital design
  • Basic terms and terminologies about physical design and timing analysis

Tools Used

Our focus mainly is on open-source EDA tools installation, that briefly covers below tools:

  • Ngspice – General purpose circuit simulation program for non-linear and linear analyses
  • Magic – VLSI Layout editor, extraction and DRC tool
  • Opentimer – Open-source high performance timing analysis tool
  • eSim – Complex Circuit design, SPICE simulation, analysis and PCB design
  • Qflow –  Tool chain (like Yosys, Graywolf) for complete RTL2GDS flow

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