VSD  has been implementing all high-end designs (wireless, GPU's, bitcoins, etc.) since couple of years now, and very soon realized, with a little effort, all these designs can be implemented using open-source EDA tools. This website and our videos are an initiative towards the same. You will find almost all our courses using open-source tools like ngspice for SPICE simulations, MAGIC for custom layout, Opentimer for Static timing analysis and more to come. The vision, VSD is working on is to implement a high-end IoT using all available open-source tools. Your ideas, your strategies, your expertise, all of them are needed to make this a successful project.

Few of VSD course work with Open Source tools, below are those :-

VSD - TCL programming - From novice to expert
The Expert In Anything Was Once A Beginner
Circuit Design & SPICE Simulations - Part 1
Learn how things got started in VLSI
Circuit Design & SPICE Simulations - Part 2
Learn how things got started in VLSI
Custom Layout
VLSI - This is where design meets fabrication
Static Timing Analysis - II
VLSI - Analyse your chip timing for free