I have been implementing all high-end designs (wireless, GPU's, bitcoins, etc.) since couple of years now, and very soon realized, with a little effort, all these designs can be implemented using open-source EDA tools. This website and my videos are an initiative towards the same. You will find almost all my courses using open-source tools like ngspice for SPICE simulations, MAGIC for custom layout, Opentimer for Static timing analysis and more to come. The vision, which me and my team are working on is to implement a high-end IoT using all available open-source tools and I would need your help to do so. Your ideas, your strategies, your expertise, all of them are needed to make this a successful project.

Few of my course work with Open Source tools, below are those :-

VSD - TCL programming - From novice to expert
The Expert In Anything Was Once A Beginner
Circuit Design & SPICE Simulations - Part 1
Learn how things got started in VLSI
Circuit Design & SPICE Simulations - Part 2
Learn how things got started in VLSI
Custom Layout
VLSI - This is where design meets fabrication
Static Timing Analysis - II
VLSI - Analyse your chip timing for free
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