Design at $0

“Design at $0” is an initiative driven by our team at VSD
All you need are below 4 steps: Let’s get back to our online university.

Relearn – Learning happen at school level, but Relearning happen at all level to keep you updated to latest technology so i have built a forum where you will find all my courses on latest concepts needed to design a chip or macro or IP. These courses are ‘exclusive’ concepts and no ‘high-end’ back-ground experience needed. This is the place where all freshers and professionals can begin at same phase. It starts from very basic topics and moves slowly to advanced one’s. So for freshers, this will be a one-stop shop of what exactly goes behind designing a complex high-end chip, and for professionals, this could be a quick-stop shop to revise and relearn.

Practice – Once you understand, say CPPR point or voltage transfer characteristics, and also are aware of open source tools like MAGIC, OpenTimer, ngspice, etc., this page (under construction) will help you to practice those designs. Till the time, forum is ready for practicing, you can use Virtual-Box for downloading/installing tools on your laptop, and start designing.

Productize – “Concepts- Tool – Practice, finale product stage..Now the main phase (productize)” i.e. product acceptance in community and applied in correct channel. The complete process is incomplete without the last (main phase). All individual at certain stage must have reached upto three steps. Here, at VSD, we will guide you to take the next two steps to Productize your idea. Our vision is to Take YOU from idea level to the finale product application in market or community with minimal.

Projects – This page is dedicated for you. You can upload your projects here, either FREE of cost or for some value. Let students access your projects, learn from them, implement them, come to you for doubts, and become a part of this ever-growing online community.

Now, if tomorrow, you want to start-up in an IoT or chip design domain, you will have all necessary tools to get started right from your home. Only thing you need will be an IDEA.

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