Circuit design & SPICE simulations


That’s the name of the course that I just launched on Udemy. And here’s the link for the same

I feel, learning or working in VLSI domain without transistor model knowledge is like flying an helicopter with low fuel in a deserted region, not knowing where the hell you will land up.

Here how the course goes. I start with asking few questions, on why do we need SPICE

Then, I introduce and (literally) derive models for threshold voltage and ….. (sentence continued after below image)

……(sentence continued from above) drain current models for resistive and saturation region of operation

Eventually, I end up, developing the SPICE setup, and from there on-wards, there is no stopping us from reaching the final goal, where we derive delays for cells. ​


So, this looks to be a slow start, but Don’t be discouraged by A SLOW START. It offers the time and testing you need to lay the right foundation for success” —Michael Hyatt



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