VSD - Static Timing Analysis (STA) Webinar


VSD shows the technique to analyze a design using an Opentimer tool, which is used to do block-based analysis, path-based analysis, cppr, incremental timing, and multi-threading. Our methods are extremely fast and accurate to analyze large-scale designs.

  • Entire STA flow and ECO flow
  • Explore ideas and ways to implement automated ECO flow
  • Calculate performance of your design, just the way industry works, and may be, get a feel of working in a semi-conductor industry.
  • Open Source EDA tool installation & application
  • Guide on How to analyze and design using OPHW tools
  • Analyze design size, STA runtime & Performance Check
  • ECO (Engineering change order)

This webinar highlights the merits of Open source EDA tools to bring innovation in the Chip industry, and will also show our methods to learn & design on your PC and also enables higher performance at zero cost.


  • Introduction to open-source C-to-GDS flow
  • IC design components

    • RTL, floor-planning and power-planning
    • Placement and Clock tree synthesis
    • Introduction to static timing analysis (STA)
    • STA detailing
  • Runtime theory and demo
    • Design size, RAM and runtime relationship
    • Runtime check demo using Opentimer
  • Design speed and performance characterization
    • Worst negative slack (WNS) and total negative slack (TNS)
    • Introduction to term 'performance' and 'clock constraints'
    • IO constraints
    • Performance measurement using Opentimer Preview
  • Timing libraries and engineering change order(ECO)
    • Brief description of timing libraries
    • Brief description about driver model and receiver model
    • Useful tips for operating frequency calculation
    • Hold ECO detailed steps with LIVE demo
  • Assignment

Audience Profile

  • Everyone who's interested in working on LIVE designs using open-source STA tool
  • Everyone who want to know what's the structure of this industry, specially STA
  • Everyone who would love to explore ways to innovate using open-source tools
  • Everyone looking to work with me on LIVE project


  • Basics of Static Timing Analysis, not mandatory, as it will be anyways covered in this webinar
  • Basics of digital gates and flip-flops

Tools Used

"Opentimer" open source tool developed by Tsung-Wei Huang and Prof. Martin D. F. Wong in the University of Illinios at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), IL, USA

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