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Getting Started

The VSDSquadron Mini RISC-V development board – Features and Interfaces:

  • Core Processor – The board is powered by CH32V003F4U6 chip with 32-bit RISC-V core based on RV32EC instruction set, optimized for high-performance computing with support for 2-level interrupt nesting and supports 24MHz system main frequency in the product function.
  • Clock and Reset Systems: Includes a built-in factory-trimmed 24MHz RC oscillator and a 128kHz RC oscillator, plus an external 24MHz oscillator option for varied clocking requirements.
  • Robust GPIO Support: Boasts 3 groups of GPIO ports, totaling 15 I/O ports, enabling extensive peripheral connections and mapping to external interrupt capabilities.
  • Flexible Communication Interfaces: Offers multiple communication protocols including USART, I2C, and SPI for versatile connectivity options.
  • High-Speed Memory: Equipped with 2KB SRAM for volatile data storage, 16KB CodeFlash for program memory, and additional 1920B for bootloader functionalities.
  • On-board Programmer: Features on-board CH32V305FBP6 single-wire programming protocol, enhancing development efficiency with seamless code deployment and debugging. NO NEED to purchase any additional adapter.

The VSDSquadron Mini RISC-V SoC device available on the development board is programmed using the on-board flash programmer which supports the CH32V305FBP6 single-wire programming protocol, enabling streamlined and efficient development workflows directly on the board. Connect the VSDSquadron Mini board using a USB C connector to program the CH32V003F4U6 chip.